Attix's Attic

Building my dream craft room

We have Sheetrock!

on June 28, 2014

The building inspector approved the insulation work on Wednesday (that’s the second inspection passed with flying colors — kudos, Hugh!). Then the Sheetrock guys showed up on Friday (several days ahead of schedule) to put up the walls. So here’s my room now — and it definitely looks like a room!


This morning, a different guy is coming over to tape and mud. This is all happening so quickly now — I may have a craft room by the end of July!

Once the taping and mudding is done (it’ll take a couple of visits), Hugh (I’m tired of calling him the contractor — that’s just too pretentious) will spray primer on all Sheetrocked surfaces, and then spray the ceilings. We’ll paint the walls by hand. I’m visiting Sherwin Williams today to look at paint samples. About paint — should I paint the angled walls as ceiling or wall? If I paint them white like the ceiling, will that be too much white? I’ve never seen anyone use a color on angled walls, but I do like my colors.

I’ll let you know what I decide. Stay tuned!


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