Attix's Attic

Building my dream craft room

Small steps this week

on May 10, 2014

So the contractor has a question in to the guy who approves the electrical stuff for Granville County. We can’t move forward ’til that question is answered. But the transom window for my room came in yesterday. The transom will let light in from the unfinished side of the attic, where there’s a window that faces the street. We’re trying to let as much natural light in as possible without adding more windows or a skylight. And I found the perfect chandelier at Home Depot. I don’t see it online, so I can’t link you to a picture.

Later that weekend …

The contractor got the transom in on Sunday morning before it got too hot. There’s no trim around the window yet, and I can see that it’ll let in a lot of natural light in a dark corner of the craft room. I’m so excited!



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